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Here are links to some more free ebooks on racing systems, poker, blackjack etc which you may enjoy:

FREE PLACEPOT EBOOK – a free guide to the Placepot plus systematic approaches.

FREE GREYHOUND RACING GUIDE – greyhound racing explained, how to read the form and more

FREE GUIDE TO EACH WAY BETTING - all about each way betting - races, strategies, more....

FREE LAYING SYSTEM - free system to lay losing horses on Betfair....

FREE GUIDE TO AMERICAN SPORTS BETTING - want to bet on American sports but not sure where to start....get this free guide. Includes baseball, basketball, ice hockey and gridiron

FREE POKER EBOOK – tournament poker strategy.

FREE GUIDE TO BETFAIR EXCHANGE BLACKJACK – just like it sounds – Betfair exchange blackjack.

FREE BLACKJACK EBOOK – the “perfect blackjack” strategy explained.

FREE LAYING SYSTEM – Find your own “lay of the day.”

FREE HORSE RACING SYSTEMS – two free systems for favourite backing.

Betfair Trading Software - Betting Exchanges
Free Greyhound Racing Guide
Free ebook explains all about greyhound racing - the races, the form, rating and more.
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Free Placepot System
Free ebook gives you systematic approaches you can use immediately for your Placepots!
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Free Guide to Each Way Betting
All about each way betting - what it is, races to look at, strategies, place only betting and more
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