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"Who else wants an easy way to trade on the Betfair betting exchange? No knowledge of horse racing required!"

And who wants a free report explaining the features of perhaps the easiest and fastest Betfair trading software around. And who wants to claim a free trial to that trading software?

No matter what your sports betting preference (horses, dogs, football, whatever) the internet brings with it many online gambling opportunities. In addition to use of the betting exchanges you have a wide variety of other options to explore with just one of them being use of an online casino perhaps for some alternative entertainment. 

I mean backing horses is fun right? But those losing runs hurt you don't they? And you're even more frustrated because you read everywhere about people making squillions by trading on the betting exchanges. It sounds so easy - you'd love to join in and get your slice of the pie but you've got no idea where to begin. 

If you are looking for the best casinos in Britain there is a great guide to use where you get full reviews and exclusive offers. Take the opportunity to play online for free by claiming free spins and no deposit bonuses at uk casinos. is the place to check if you want to find the best UK Online casinos and get the biggest bonuses online.

Either way may wish to consider utilising a more strategic approach to your internet gambling and using a betting exchange as a trader can give you the edge here.  

But back to trading on Betfair - what if I told you there's a great piece of software which allows you instant access to Betfair markets, the ability to back and lay in real time (the trading bit) and even ensure you make a profit regardless of the outcome of the race just with one mouse click you'd think I'd gone barking mad.

I'm not mad - I'm serious. YOU can take the first steps to becoming a trader on Betfair right now. In a matter of moments you can be reading my free report on the features of this software AND I've arranged for you to claim a free trial to it. How cool is that?

Sounds great - but what does the software do?
It's built for speed on the largest betting exchange in the world - Betfair
Submit bets with only one click of the mouse
See live prices in real time.
See market moves and liquidity instantly. Great to help time your trading.
Back and lay with ease to lock in a profit.
Hedge button - "go green" and win the same amount of money regardless of the result.
Totally free version of the software available for you.
Free trail to the professional full-featured version


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Betfair Trading Software - Betting Exchanges
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